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Radox Body Wash Feel Extreme 1l


Body Wash Feel Extreme



How do you want to feel? Wake up and smell the sea salt. Say yes to punchy sea minerals and no to boring limits and excuses. Dive into today wholeheartedly. Feel rejuvenated, fresh and ready to kick-start your day with our range of shower gels. At Radox, we know that smell is not only one of the most important senses, but one of the most overlooked, no one has ever truly realised the effect they can have on your moods. They have the power to lift you when you are down, to awaken you when you rise, to make us sleep, love, create, dream. The power to genuinely transform how you feel. In fact, there is hardly a mood in society that cannot be moved by fragrance. And there is barely a person on earth who can not be affected by the right scent. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and we know it can be a challenge to constantly feel the way you want to. So at Radox, we want to help. Each of our fragrance combinations is specially designed to unleash a mood, whether you want to be energised or refreshed, uplifted or soothed. And that is why we ask each and every one of you ‘How do you want to feel?’.

Suitable for daily use

Squeeze out gel, lather on body

Rinses off easily

Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean

With Salt and Sea Minerals

Mood changing fragrance which cleanses your body and makes you feel ready for the day

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