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Harpic Fresh Power Toilet Cleaner Marine Splash 700ml


Toilet Cleaner Marine Splash


Harpic Fresh Power has a fresh fragrance and the power to kill odour-causing bacteria(E.Coli). It helps leave your toilet clean, hygienic and smelling fresh.


1. Tightly squeeze pads on side of cap and unscrew. Use undiluted.

2. Direct nozzle under the toilet bowl rim and squeeze bottle gently. Apply Harpic Fresh Power to entire bowl. To achieve best cleaning result, leave Harpic Fresh Power in the toilet bowl for 10 minutes.

3. With a toilet brush, thoroughly brush entire bowl.

4. Then flush to leave the bowl sparkling clean and fresh.

Irritant. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after use. Use only as directed.

To remove cap: Squeeze pads on sides of the cap and unscrew.

To replace cap: Screw on tightly till you hear a click.

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