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Bref Power Active Toilet Cleaner Lemon 4 In 1 50g


Active Toilet Cleaner Lemon 4 In 1


Bref Power Active Juicy Lemon, Rim Block Toilet Cleaner with Air freshener effect, 50g

The innovative formula of Bref Power Active has 4 powerful functions which will help to keep your toilets Hygienically clean and fresh:

1. Hygienic foam

2. Stain removal

3. Dirt protection

4. Extra freshness.

With our Air Freshener Effect, your bathroom will be enhanced with long lasting lemon scent.

You can really trust Bref, your champion of cleanliness and freshness, the easy way.

Carton and basket are recycable. For recycling of carton, separate it from blister bubble. Part(s) may not be collected in your area.

Bref Power Active with the Air Freshener Effect will enhances the bathroom with long lasting lemon scent

It has 4 powerful functions: 1) Hygienic foam 2) Stain removal 3) Dirt protection 4) Extra freshness

Enjoy the fresh lemon fragrance with every flush!

Hygienically clean for a clean home

Number 1 in Australia and New Zealand! (No. 1 in Solid Rim Block, based on values sales (in AU$ and NZ$) from IRI Trade Panels in Australia & New Zealand from August 2016 to February 2020)

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